Wolczanski Research Group an inorganic wonderland for the ones with tough spirits

Old Group Pictures

(Left to Right) Asa Carre-Burrit, Matt Piedmont, Pete Wolcanski, Spencer Heins, Brian Jacobs

(left to right) Nick Levezey, Rishi Agarwal, Brian Jacobs, Pete Wolczanski, Brian Lindley, Spencer Heins (2015)

(left to right) Brian Lindley, Valerie Williams, Pete Wolczanski, Erika Bartholomew, Wes Morris (2013)

(left to right) Elliott Hulley, Valerie Williams, Emily Volpe, Pete Wolczanski, Brenda Frazier, Erika Bartholomew, Wes Morris (2010)

(left to right) Dave Manke, Elliott Hulley, Brenda Frazier, Pete Wolczanski, Dave Kuiper, Emily Volpe, Jae Ho Lee (2007?)

(left to right) Michael Marshak, Elliott Hulley, Kurt Hirsekorn, Pete Wolczanski, Andrew Chadeayne, Matthew Chambers, Dave Kuiper, Dave Manke (2005)

(left to right) Andrew Chadeayne, Michael Marshak, Pete Wolczanski, Kurt Hirsekorn, Matthew Chambers, Dave Kuiper (2003?)


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