Group Alumni

Spencer Heins (2013-2018)
Brian Jacobs (2012-2017) Postdoc for Johnathan Brantley, University of Tennessee – Knoxville
Brian Lindley (2010-2015) Postdoc for Alex Miller, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Wesley Morris (2009-2014) PTD Wet Etch Engineer, Intel Corporation, Hillboro, OR
Valerie Williams (2009-2014) Process Chemist,  Shell, Houston, TX
Erika Bartholomew (2008-2013) Merck Chemical Company, Cranford, NJ
Elliott Hulley (2005-2010) Assistant Professor of Chemistry at University of Wyoming [Website]
Brenda Frazier (2005-2010) Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Northern New Mexico College, NM
Emily Volpe (2005-2010) Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Lafayette College, PA
Dave Kuiper (2003-2008) Postdoc for Jim Boncella, Los Alamos National Labs
Matthew Chambers (2004-2007) Graduate student for Dan Nocera, MIT
Mike Marshak (2003-2006) Undergraduate Student at Cornell
Ph.D with Dan Nocera, MIT
Assistant Professor; University of Colorado Boulder [Website]
Andrew Chadeayne (2001-2006) President, Chadeayne LLC (Patent Application Drafting and Patent Prosecution)
Founder of SwimSpray, LLC (chlorine removal haircare and skincare for swimmers)
Kurt Hirsekorn (2001-2006) The Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI
Devon Rosenfeld (1999-2004) Sr. Research Chemist
The Dow Chemical Company
Hydrocarbons R&D, B-251
Freeport, TX 77541 USA
Orson Sydora (1999-2004) Chevron
Adam Viege (1998-2003) Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of Florida [Website]
Joseph M. Tanski (1995-2000) Professor of Chemistry on the Matthew Vassar, Jr. Chair
Vassar College [Website]
LeGrande Slaughter (1995-2000) Thesis:
Synthesis and reactivity of early transition metal complexes: Equilibrium isotope effects in a titanium imido carbon-hydrogen bond activation system. Low valent tungsten compounds, and early-late heterobimetallic complexes.
Stephanie Strazisar (1995-2000) Thesis:
Early transition metal insertion chemistry of polar monomers and the development of tetradentate amide based ligands for olefin oligomerizatino catalysts.
Ana-Rita Mayol (1994-1999) Department of Chemistry
University of Puerto Rico
Synthesis and reactivity of low coordinate lowvalent titanium and tungsten complexes containing silox.
Tom Henry (1993-1996)
Daniel Schafer II (1993-1998) Applications Chemist
Schrodinger Scientific Software [Website]
Troy Kleckley (1993-1998) Patent Attorney, Troutman Sanders LLP [Website]
Carbon-nitrogen bond activatino of pyridines mediated by tris-silox niobium
Richard Douthwaite (1996- Professor
University of York
Thomas Vaid (1992-1997) Postdoc at Caltech with Nate Lewis, 1997-2000
Washington University in St. Louis, 2000-2008
Assistant Professor of Chemistry University of Alabama 2008- death, denial of tenure, or the offer from Harvard that Pete turned down [Website]
Jordan Bennett (1991-1996) Thesis:
A kinetic and thermodynamic study of carbon-hydrogen bond activatino by a titanium imido complex.
Jeffrey Bonanno (1990-1995) Thesis:
Synthesis and reactivity of tantalum silox complexes (silox = tri-tertbutyl-siloxide): tantalum-main group multiple bond formation (main group = nitrogen, phosphorus, arsenic, carbon), carbon-nitrogen bond oxidative addition, dative bonding to boron.
Rob LaDuca (1989-1995) Professor & Assistant Dean for Administration and Academic Governance
Lyman Briggs College; Michigan State University
Christopher Cummins (1987-1989) Undergraduate Student at Cornell
Ph.D with R. Schrock, MIT
Professor of Chemistry at MIT [Website]
Chris Shaller (1988-1993)
Carbon-hydrogen bond activation and related reactions involving early metal amido and imido complexes.
Rebecca Miller Chamberlin (1988-1993)
Inorganic Radiochemist and Nonproliferation Program Manager
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Katherine Covert (1987-1991)
Program Director, Integrative Chemistry Activities
Division of Chemistry
National Science Foundation
Synthesis and reactivity of low-coordinate group 4 silox compounds: Oxidative addition of carbon-oxygen bonds.
Steve Baxter (1984-1989)
Arkema Inc.
Analytical & Systems Research
Synthesis and mechanistic studies of heterobimetallic complexes as models for heterogenous catalysts.
David Neithamer (1984-1989)
Currently at Dow Chemical
Perparation of novel pi-complexes and deoxygenation of small molecules and organic oxygenates by tris-silox tantalum in cluding a detailed mechanistic investigation into the carbon monoxide cleavage reaction.
Rob Toreki (1985-1987) Undergraduate Student
Peter DiMauro (1983-1989) Thesis:
Chemistry of 6,6-dimethylcyclohexadienyl derivatives of the transition metals: a study in carbon-carbon bond activation.
Currently at: General Electric Company, Fairfield CT; Senior Patent Agent: Lighting, Ventures, Aviation-Materials & Gasification.
Tim Lubben (1981-1986)
Reactivity of dioxygen with group 4 alkoxy alkyls: Insertion and oxygen atom transfer.
Bob LaPointe Currently at Novomer
Mark Banaszak Holl (1986-1991) Professor of Chemistry at University of Michigan [Website]


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