Wolczanski Research Group an inorganic wonderland for the ones with tough spirits

Current Group Members

Bufan Zhang, 2nd Year Phd student. bufan obtained her b.a. in chemistry and psychology from vassar college. HER favorite element is titanium, because she has been working with it for way too long to not like it. as the only non-athletic person in the group, she believes that she’d be either a movie director or a bassist for a funk band, if she weren’t a chemist. no kidding.
Greg m. George, 2nd year phd student. greg got his b.s. in chemistry from university of buffalo. he loves compounds called george and bi-george, for obvious reasons. greg loves all kinds of sports, and is a die-hard fan of country music, pasta, and kittens. if he weren’t a chemist, he’d be…well he still has not given us the answer. bummer.


Devika Pokhriyal, senior undergraduate student. dev is pursuing a degree in chemistry and philosophy. her favorite compound is diethyl azodicarboxylate (dead), for reasons that shall not be stated. aside from the most elegant science that is inorganic chemistry, dev loves deadth metal. in fact, being the lead singer of a death metal band is her second career option. very nice, dev.



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